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What Is Flovent?

Generic Flovent, being a steroid, has an active substance – fluticasone – which affects the body so that no substances causing inflammation are released in the body. Therefore, Generic fluticasone is used for preventing asthma attacks that are known for occurring unpredictably. However, it should be mentioned that Flovent won’t help a person with an asthma attack which has already started.

What Should I Take into Account Before Getting Started with Flovent?

It is strongly recommended that you do not use the medication if you have an allergy to fluticasone. Keep that in mind before you buy Flovent.
You need your doctor’s advice whether you can safely take Flovent or not if you have recently been afflicted by any type of infection. It may also be dangerous to take the medicine until you completely recover.

What Should a Female Patient Take into Consideration?

Women should be especially cautious when taking Flovent. Before you order Flovent from our Flovent online pharmacy, you should remember that it is a category C medicine, which implies telling your doctor if you:
• are pregnant;
• going to become pregnant;
• or have a nursing baby.
It is inadmissible to administer Flovent to children under 4 since fluticasone is capable of affecting children’s growth.
Caution! The following patients taking Flovent on a permanent basis belong to the group of risk for developing osteoporosis (loss of bones):
• smokers;
• people leading a passive way of life;
• people with a deficit of vitamin D.
Bear that in mind before you purchase Flovent online.

How Should I Take Flovent?

Follow the below-mentioned recommendations concerning the use of the preparation.
1. Get a Flovent prescription from your doctor.
2. Do not alter your dosage or schedule by yourself without your doctor’s permission.
3. If you do not understand the instructions coming with Flovent, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a piece of advice.
4. Flovent is not used for stopping an asthma attack that is already in progress. Flovent is not a substitute for an inhalation medication.
5. Rinse your mouth with warm water after you have used a dose of Flovent. You should not swallow the medicine.
6. Tell your doctor if the medicine has been ineffective for more than two weeks.
7. Your doctor can make changes in your previously determined dosage and schedule if you are under stress, are ill or are undergoing a surgery.
Take into consideration the above-mentioned tips on the use of Flovent before ordering fluticasone online.

What Are Side Effects of Flovent?

The active ingredient of Flovent is able to cause side effects in certain patients who are highly sensitive to fluticasone. These effects are mostly mild; no medical attention is required if you experience:
• cough, sinus pain, stuffy nose;
• mild headache;
• sores on your lips or inside your mouth, or white patches;
• dryness in your throat or mouth;
• hoarseness.
You should be on the alert and ready to call your healthcare provider at once if you have:
• signs of an allergy to the active ingredient – difficulty breathing, skin rash, swelling, hives;
• feeling weak, tired;
• nausea / vomiting;
• body aches;
• fever, sore throat, pain in ears, chills;
• blurred vision;
• breathing difficulties;
• asthma symptoms that are getting worse and worse.
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